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Professional & Qualified Team

Cultivate and absorb high level technician talents, grasp the international cutting-edge environmental protection technologies, provide customers with excellent solutions and value added services;


3-Principles & 3-Controls

Standardized system, meticulous implementation and safety supervision principles, cost control, risk control as well as quality control. Greenoil conscientious improves the management model, not only brings customer with improved work efficiency, releases the contaminations by petroleum associated operations, also increases the brand value of Greenoil and develops forward speedily;


Sustainable Innovation

Greenoil constantly develops the improved environmental protection technologies, continuously innovates the products and techniques to meet customers’ demands accurately, enabling the adopted solutions more applicable to harsh environment, efficiently improve the treatments of waste fluid and contaminated soil during the oil and gas exploitation;

Customer First, Quality Orient

As the standard of conduct, Greenoil consistent pursues for high quality technologies and services, creates the long-term trusts and reliance of customers with us. By providing the qualified equipment and top-class services, we have been creating the profits for customers, shareholders and our employees;


Social Responsibility

Greenoil has a strong sense of social responsibility. At the same time of creating economics value, we are shouldering a major mission of environmental improvement. By creating a harmonious community of oil and gas mining with environmental protection, we have been contributing the efforts to the sustainable development of this blue planet on which we are living!